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Antifa Activist’s Muderers Convicted for “Hooliganism”

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Duat, who runs Ufa Blog (which seems to have mysteriously disappeared), sent me an email last week with the story about the how the murderers of Aleksandr Riukhin, an anti-fascist activist who was murdered in Moscow earlier this year, were convicted of “hooliganism.”

On 16 April, Riukhin and a friend, one T., were leaving an anti-fascist concert, when six skinheads attacked them near the Domodedovo metro. Riukhin died from several stabs to the chest and head, while T. received wounds to the legs and arms. The police arrested three of the skins in the summer, while the others became the subjects of an “international search.” It is suspected that the three fled to Kiev by train. According to the case, which was elaborated in a Live Journal post, the investigator “decided to ignore the majority of facts that confirm intentional character of the murder and its ideological motivation.” These facts include the discovery of racist and nationalist literature and weapons in the murders’ apartment which point to the perpetrators relations with racist groups like Format 18, the Slavic League, Anti-Antifa, and other groups known for attacks on members of the anti-fascist movement in Moscow region.

The story was also reported in this week’s Novaya gazeta.