Russia’s New Migration Law

If you’ve ever been to Russia, and you stay with friends or in a private residence, you know what a pain in the ass it is to register. The process required getting a letter from the person who owns the apartment, take it to OVIR, and wait in line. If an inviting organization does the […]

Russian Cosmetic Industry Booms

Thanks to Johnson’s Russia List #29, we now have a place to go for information on the cosmetics industry in Russia. Cosmetics in Russia purports to be the “first online newsletter on the Russian perfumery and cosmetics market in English.” Blessed thanks. According to the site, the growth in the cosmetics market parallels general economic […]

Kvas, the Coke of Communism

The Guardian and the Moscow Times are reporting that Coke is in negotiations with Russian bottlers to make kvas, the murky drink that has been a muzhik favorite for hundreds of years. According to Kommersant, which initially broke the story: Several market participants informed Kommersant of Coca-Cola’s plans to set up kvas production. The company […]