Joyal’s Jewels

There are few new details in the Paul Joyal shooting. It turns out that Joyal wasn’t shot in the belly but in the family jewels. If nefarious spooky Russians did do this, they are either cruel or just bad shots. Joyal’s wife Elizabeth has consistently disputed police claims that her husband was robbed, but when […]

Russia Ranks Behind Iraq in Journalist Deaths

Here is a sad statistic. As reported in Kommersant, According to INSI [International News Safety Institute] , Iraq leads with 138 murders and unexplained deaths of reporters occurred from 1996 to 2006, 88 reporters perished in Russia and 72 in Columbia over the period. The global news media toll exceeded 1,000. The alarming trend is […]

90th Anniversary of the February Revolution

March 8th has a double meaning in world history. First it is International Women’s Day, a holiday that celebrates women all over the world except, it seems, in the United States. March 8th is also marks the beginning of the Russian Revolution, which is perhaps the most defining event of the 20th century. Today marks […]