Blackwater in the Caspian

Jeremy Scahill’s new book Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army will prove to be a much needed expose of the Bush Administration’s privatization of the military. Not only are there an estimated 100,000 mercenaries in Iraq, pushing the American military presence far beyond what most are aware, but Blackwater is the […]

CPUSA Donates Archive

New York University has received an archival goldmine. The Communist Party USA has donated their archive of 12,000 cartons of material that includes internal directives and memos, communiqu?s from Moscow, photographs, letters, programs, pamphlets, and even some artifacts, like Joe Hill’s handwritten will, which he composed in verse just before his execution in 1915. It’s […]

The “Imperial March” Enters the Fray

A few weeks ago, the Russian body politic heard from the Liberal-Left when about 3000 supporters of Other Russia clashed with police in St. Petersburg. Now the Right is planning a march for April 8th titled, “Imperial March.” The march is being organized by Alexander Dugin. The organizers boast that 1500 participants will attend. This […]