Other Russia’s Sugar Daddy

Russophile brought my attention to the following news from the Financial Times. Arch Putin enemy oligarch Boris Berezovsky admitted in an interview with FT reporter Jimmy Burns that he is indeed funding Other Russia. Don’t believe it? Listen to the audio file yourself. Russophile is right, Borya just doesn’t get it. He also is just […]

Russia Ranked 117th in Global Peace Index

How peaceful is your country? Now thanks to the Global Peace Index you can find out. An organization called the Vision of Humanity, which believes that “unless we can achieve a world which is basically peaceful, then the major challenges facing humanity will not be solved,” has released its index of 121 countries according to […]

It was MI6 in the Library with the Candlestick

Andrei Lugovoi promised a “sensation for public opinion in Britain” and delivered. Lugovoi said in a Moscow news conference, “Today I would like to make an announcement, which should shed some light on this dark political story, where the main roles were played by the British secret service and their agents Berezovsky and the late […]