Cold War Unicorns

If Victims of Communism Museums, nuclear bomb shelter tours, and talk of a “New Cold War” isn’t enough to satisfy your nostalgia for a bi-polar world, try Cold War Unicorns. Yes! Cold War Unicorns are bound to fully recreate that pitched battle between Communism and Capitalism that only ideological warfare and proxy wars could produce, […]

Neo-Trotskyism Infects KPRF

Some old habits die hard. Eighty years after Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Bolshevik Party, the KPRF is still afraid of Trotskyists. The Moscow Times reports that Anatoly Baranov, the KPRF’s webmaster, has been hauled in front of the Party’s Central Control Commission and charged with stubbornly pushing “the Communist Party from the victorious […]

CNN has an Eye on Russia

You know Russia has hit the mainstream when CNN decides to devote a entire week of programming to it. All week CNN is running a daily half hour series called “Eye on Russia: The New Dawn.” Presumably the series is connected to Putin’s upcoming trip to the US. The topics include Russia’s “resurgence,” Russian youth, […]