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Watering the Soviet Lands

Guests: Maya Peterson and Christopher Ward on water and the environment in the Soviet Union.

The List

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On Tuesday the tabloid Tvoi den’ published [the names of] all the arrested for Politkovskaya’s murder. It’s interesting that according to this newspaper there seems to be 11 not 10 as [Prosecutor General] Chaika said.

1. Alexei Berkin

2. Dmitri Lebedev

3. Tamerlan Makhmudov

4. Dzhabrail Makhmudov

5. Ibrahim Makhmudov

6. Oleg Alimov

7. Mohamed Dimel’khanov

8. Akhmel Isaev

9. Sergei Khadzhikurbanov

10. Dmitiri Grachev

11. Pavel Riaguzov