Whither LDPR?

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While the latest VTsIOM numbers demonstrate the continued collapse of Russian liberal parties, it seems that their not the only ones with a “dark cloud” hovering over their heads.  Political winds appear to be pushing Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democratic Party into the rocks.  As the Moscow Times summarizes:

One of its billionaire benefactors has jumped ship, while a second has disappeared and is wanted by the Prosecutor General’s Office, analysts say. In addition, Zhirinovsky’s right-hand man has left, and Alexei Mitrofanov, the party’s second most prominent member, announced last week that he was moving to A Just Russia, a pro-Kremlin party.

Still, Zhiri’s fervent nationalistic banter is expected to garner enough votes with among its mostly under 35 male demographic to slip into the State Duma.  Plus even without billionaire backing, the LDPR has enough cash to last through the election cycle.  This might prolong the LDPR’s collapse a little while longer.  Plus ever a political showman, Zhirinovsky will certainly not disappoint when backed against the wall.  While his party may soon be on its last electoral leg, I’m sure Zhiri will be around a long time hocking his brand of political buffoonery.