The Private Killer

The British medical journal Lancet is no stranger to controversy. Many will remember how in 2004 and 2006 the journal published studies on Iraqi casualties resulting from the American invasion. Its estimate of 654,965 excess deaths related to the war caused a firestorm in the press. Lancet is back in the media limelight with its […]

Empire Strikes Hack

One reads a lot of weird and fanciful things about Russia. The place is such an enigma to some that attempts to understand it leads one to make all sorts of absurd connections. Take for example, Anthony Julius’ commentary “Dreams of Empire Strike Back” in the Guardian.  Julius, whose bio says that he’s a “highly-regarded […]

Consolatory Cops

The opening paragraph of Kommersant‘s article on Stanislav Markelov’s funeral reads: Ostankinskoe cemetery where the jurist Stanislav Markelov was to be buried was heavily guarded.  OMON, police buses, and patrol cars. They asked mourners to show the contents of their bags and required them to show documents. There were whispers in the crowd that police […]