Medvedev Meets Novaya’s Muratov, Gorbachev

There has been alot of criticism of President Medvedev’s and Prime Minister Putin’s silence  in regard to the murder of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova.  Dimitri Medvedev has finally responded.  But not in a overtly public manner but via a meeting with Novaya gazeta Editor-in-Chief Dmitri Muratov and former Soviet President and Novaya shareholder Mikhail […]

Ukraine Throws KGB Archive Doors Open

Here’s something that should wet the palates of scholars and induce wet dreams among the necrophiliacs of Soviet history.  Ukraine announced that it plans declassify the entire KGB archive dating 1917-1991.  The number of documents stamped “secret” and “top secret” is estimated at 800,000. The announcement comes after the law “On the declassification, promulgation, and […]