Badware Nowhere

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Several days ago someone or something hacked SRB, delivering a nice Christmas present of badware.  I guess this was ol’St. Nick’s way of telling me I’ve been more naughty than nice over the last year.

To my surprise/horror/confusion, this site was flagged by Google as “reported attack site.”  I, of course, didn’t discover the flag.  Andy Young of Siberian Light did, and my thanks goes out to him for alerting me.

You probably already know this if you’ve visited this site over the last several days using Chrome or Firefox.  The big red warning screen telling you to head for the virtual hills is kinda hard to ignore.

Like any paranoid Russia-watching hack, I blame Putin or at least his army of misfits, Nashi.  Clearly I’m THAT important to attract the vozhd‘s ire! [Insert Russia blogger’s idiotic self-aggrandizement.] I’m just glad Putin didn’t steal my wallet.

I’m happy to announce that after much fretting, web searches, consults, and a crash course in badware code, the site is now clean and the warning has been lifted.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .