Against Liars and Thieves

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The Russian non-party opposition is trying to figure out what to do about the Duma elections in December.  Boycott? Lampoon? Participate? Vote for anyone except United Russia? In a recent post, anti-corruption crusader and blogger, Alexei Navalny, concludes that the best short term strategy is to vote for anyone except the “Party of Liars and Thieves.”  Here’s his reasoning:

1. It’s realistic. A hundred thousand activists from other parties support it.
2. It will unite: Everyone against United Russia.
3. The majority of anti-government oppositionists already support it. I suggest looking at Denis Bilunov’s post where he gives the results of a poll of people who signed the petition “Putin must go.”
4. It will naturally continue after the elections.
5. It is completely legal and therefore really make a change to the political structure.
6. It will cause the government real problems.
7. It’s based in honesty, clearly evident in the idea “Vote against United Russia–the Party of Liars and Thieves” and therefore needs no explanation.

Sounds like a plan.

Here are some posters from the art group RosAgit to help spread the idea:


"Don't let them steal your vote! 5 don't vote. 5 are destroyed. The result is 10 from United Russia. Go to the polls on 12-4-11 and vote against United Russia - The Party of Liars and Thieves! Vote for any other party!"
"At some point they will ask you: Papa where were you when they plundered our country?"
Hate at the Party of Liars and Thieves? Be prepared to go to the polls!