Russian Homophobia

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If you want a sense of the extent homophobia is entering Russian public life, here is what Dmitrii Kiselev, who’s wikipedia page describes him as a “Russian journalist and fascist” said on his show “Historical Process,” which airs on Russia state channel Rossiia. Keep in mind, these comments were made back in April 2012 a year before the law against “gay propaganda” was passed. The clip is only now making the rounds in Russian blogsphere. Given statements like this on state television, its no surprise violence against homosexuals in Russia is on the rise.

“For my mind, penalizing gays for homosexual propaganda among teenagers is not enough. We need to ban blood donation from them – and sperm donations too. And in case of a car accident, we should burn or bury the heart of the deceased seeing that it is unfit to continue the existence of anyone’s life.”