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“The Reddest of the Blacks”

For the past several months, I’ve been researching the life of Lovett Fort-Whiteman. Here’s a short film I made about his eventual arrest and death in Stalinist Russia.

Podcast: War in the Donbas and Mr. Putin

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Here’s the first of a new weekly podcast covering Eurasian politics, society, and history.


Christopher MillerMashable‘s Senior Correspondent covering world news, particularly the post-Soviet space and especially Ukraine. You can read Chris’ reporting from Ukraine here.

Fiona Hill, director of the Center on the United States and Europe and a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution. She is also the co-author with Clifford Gaddy of the recently released second edition of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin.

You can read my review of Mr. Putin here.

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