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Navalny and Next

Guests: Ilya Budraitskis, Svetlana Erpyleva, and Greg Yudin on Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition, and the prospects of political pluralism in Russian society.

William C. Bullitt in the USSR

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Alexander Etkind is the Mikhail M. Bakhtin Professor of History of Russia-Europe Relations at the European University Institute and the editor, author and co-author of an eclectic list of books, including Warped Mourning: Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied; Internal Colonization: Russia’s Imperial Experience; and Eros of the Impossible: The History of Psychoanalysis in Russia. His most recent book is Roads not Taken: An Intellectual Biography of William C. Bullitt published by Pittsburgh University Press.

Read my review of Roads Not Taken in Bookforum.


Bauhaus, “The Man With the X-Ray Eyes,” Mask, 1981