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From Aliaska to Alaska

Guests: Bathsheba Demuth and Ilya Vinkoveysky on Russian and American colonialism and the environment in Alaska.

Enter Dopeworld

Guest: Niko Vorobyov on the adventures in dopeworld.

Communism, Youth and Generation

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Matthias Neumann is Senior Lecturer in Modern Russian History at the University of East Anglia. He has published widely on the history of childhood and youth in revolutionary Russia. He’s author of The Communist Youth League and the Transformation of the Soviet Union, 1917-1932which has been translated into Spanish and will be published in South America in spring 2019. He’s also the co-editor of Rethinking the Russian Revolution as Historical Divide: Tradition, Rupture and Modernity published by Routledge.


Sham 69, “If the Kids are United,” No Thanks!: The ’70s Punk Rebellion, 2003.