“The Reddest of the Blacks”

For the past several months, I’ve been researching the life of Lovett Fort-Whiteman. Here’s a short film I made about his eventual arrest and death in Stalinist Russia.


New Cold War Could’ve Gone Hot

A new book says that “senior staffers” in the Bush White House considered “limited military options” to support Georgia in its war with Russia. Luckily, cooler heads in the Oval Office prevailed. Namely, George W. Bush, of all people, who put the kibosh on the idea.

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Swine Flu Lands in Moscow

Hypochondriacs beware!  Swine flu has officially landed in Moscow. According to Novyi region, two women have been hospitalized in the capital. “Both women are citizens

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Overcharged Buttons

Yeah, yeah, I haven’t been blogging of late, but I hope to return at full throttle soon.  In the meantime I couldn’t resist mentioning a

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US Candidates Barely Mention Russia

The Democratic and Republican conventions are over.  Thank god.  All the political pomp, demigod worship, endless biographical tales, self-congratulation, repetitions of God Bless America, convention

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