The Wired Cold War

Guests: Ekaterina Babintseva and Slava Gerovitch on cybernetics in the United States and Soviet Union.


US Candidates Barely Mention Russia

The Democratic and Republican conventions are over.  Thank god.  All the political pomp, demigod worship, endless biographical tales, self-congratulation, repetitions of God Bless America, convention

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The Medvedev Doctrine

On Friday, Tbilisi broke diplomatic ties with Moscow in protest to statements that Russia plans to absorb South Ossetia and Abkhazia in “several years.”  Moscow

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Putin on CNN

So far it’s just a short clip .  Hopefully, CNN will make the whole interview available.  But this clip contains what everyone is talking about. 

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Obamamaniacs on Russia

I usually don’t waste my time with babble but Daniel Silva’s “President Obama and a 3 am Phone Call about Russia” struck a cord. It’s

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