Watering the Soviet Lands

Guests: Maya Peterson and Christopher Ward on water and the environment in the Soviet Union.



I’ve left Russia. My ten month research trip is finally over. I won’t bore readers with all of the emotion I felt leaving a place

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I’ve made some changes to the blog over the last few days. Most of them have been cosmetic. I’ve changed the color of the fonts,

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Bilingua Burns!

It is impossible to spend any length of time in Russia and not have something totally fucked up happen to you. The place is just

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Alright already. To my utter surprise, many people have asked me why I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while. I have no

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Life in Ryazan

So I promised to tell about my trip to Ryazan. Ryazan is a Russian provincial town located about a three hour train ride south from

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