Colored Revolutions

Yah-noo-KOH’-vich vs. Tee-moh-SHEN’-koh

Today Ukrainians head for the polls, the endpoint (or midpoint depending on your opinion) to a colorful campaign. Voter disillusionment is high. So high that one candidate changed his name to Vasyl Protyvsikh, or Vasyl “Against All” with the hope to garner some votes. But alas, democracy is what it is. Too often you vote for the candidate you get rather than the one you want.

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Electoral Specters

There is a specter haunting Russia–the specter of colored revolution. Or so says Vladimir Putin. Clearly having no qualms about beating a dead horse, Putin

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The Tulips Bloom Once Again

I’ve been debating whether to write something about the events in Kirgizia, but have decided to defer to those who can untangle the complexities surrounding

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