The Wired Cold War

Guests: Ekaterina Babintseva and Slava Gerovitch on cybernetics in the United States and Soviet Union.


May Day with the Russian Communists

Two things hit me as I emerged from the Oktyabrskaya metro station on Saturday morning to check out the KPRF May Day march.  First was that God himself must have been smiling down on the KPRFers.  After several days of on and off rain, his holiness decided to part the clouds, let the sun shine through, and let Russian commies do their thing without the hindrance of rainfall.  The second thing that hit me was that unlike most, or should I say every political rally I’ve been to, the Communists began marching on time.  Who would have ever guessed Communists to be prompt.  And they say Leninist discipline is dead.  As soon

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Sly Uncivility

Forget about “civil society” destroying Communism in Eastern Europe, says Stephen Kotkin in this interview about his new book, Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Implosion of the Communist Establishment on New Books in History. It’s a myth. The Communist establishments in Eastern Europe were quite politically stable and were hardly challenged by widespread opposition (except in Poland). Instead, Kotkin attributes the collapse of Communism to “uncivil society”, that is the elites who became disillusioned with their own system and by 1989 simply let it melt away. Lively and pointed, this interview will change your views on the collapse of Communism in the East.

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Memorial Back to Court

It turns out that Memorial’s court victory was short lived.  According to, the St. Petersburg prosecutor appealed the Dzerzhinskii court’s February 24 ruling that

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Memorial Vindicated, Again

When the St. Petersburg office of Memorial was raided in December last year, the international media was aghast.  Article after article saw the confiscation of

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