Pogroms and Race Riots

Guests: Steven Zipperstein and Michael Pfeifer on anti-Jewish and anti-Black violence in Russia and the United States.

From Aliaska to Alaska

Guests: Bathsheba Demuth and Ilya Vinkoveysky on Russian and American colonialism and the environment in Alaska.

Presidential Election

Don Putin

Two iconic moments in television and film come to mind as I read Putin’s acceptance to be Prime Minister if his protege Dima becomes President.

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Medvedev Anointed

And the winna is? Dmitry Medvedev. Putin named the young economic liberal as his presidential favorite in a meeting with United Russia leaders today. What

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Spy vs. Spy

If you want to understand what is happening among the political elite in Russia and why Putin making the moves he’s making, read Mark Ames’

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The Putinian Waltz

Two steps back, one step forward. It’s not the Watusi. It’s certainly not the hokey-pokey. Perhaps it’s a waltz. Whatever the dance step Vladimir Putin

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Political Upgrades

Sergei Mironov, the leader of Just Russia, calls it “Socialism 3.0”.  An interesting choice of words considering that this year marks the 90th Anniversary of

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Operation Manager

Initial reactions to Putin’s naming Viktor Zubkov Prime Minister quickly dismissed the latter as a potential successor.  It is now emerging that perhaps this was

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