Human Rights

Notes of an Uzbek Migrant Worker

Anyone interested in migrant labor and ethnic/race relations in Russia, should check out “Diary of an Uzbek Gastarbeiter” on Opendemocracy.net.  It’s a harrowing story of

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Consolatory Cops

The opening paragraph of Kommersant‘s article on Stanislav Markelov’s funeral reads: Ostankinskoe cemetery where the jurist Stanislav Markelov was to be buried was heavily guarded. 

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Leads on Markelov Case Cold

A definitive narrative is forming in the Russian mainstream press about the Markelov-Baburova murders.  This narrative says that it is unlikely that Colonel Yuriy Budanov

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Memorial Raid Ruled Unlawful

The human rights organization Memorial was victorious in the Dzerzhinsky district court on Tuesday when Judge Andrei Shabakov ruled that the police raid on their

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Memorial Saga Continues

Memorial goes back to the Dzerzhinskii District Court on Monday to get a decision on whether the police raid on its St. Petersburg headquarters was

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