Hearing Communism: Part One

Part one of Hearing Communism—five short audio pieces by students in my International Communism undergraduate research seminar at the University of Pittsburgh.


Post-Bombing Rundown

What follows is basically an incomplete rundown of some of the commentary coming out of Russia. It’s mostly based on the Russian language media since, frankly, much of the English language media is worthless with some notable exceptions. Topics include: Russian liberal narcissism, the question of blame, the tandem’s temperament, alleged racist retaliation, alleged cabbie extortion, paranoia and fear, outrage at Russia’s federal television channels, Moscovites’ public expressions mourning and loss.

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Volgograd Obama Times Two

Joachim Crima was surely mistaken if he thought he would coast into Russian history as the first Afro-Russian to run for public office.  Enter Fillip

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An American Physicist in Tuva

Richard Feynman, famous American physicist, atom bomb maker, father of nanotechnology, and Tuva lover.  Feynman discovered the remote region and its nomadic people from stamp

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Volgograd Obama

They’re calling him the “Volgograd Obama.”  Joachim Crima, 37, native of Guinea-Bissau, former watermelon seller, and graduate of Volgograd Pedagogical University has thrown his hat

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