Restoring Dzerzhinsky

There are good ideas. There are bad ideas. Then there are really, really bad ideas. It seems that the Moscow city government might embrace the

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The Kremlin’s Electoral Coup

This week’s Russia! Magazine column, “Sobyanin Wins! Navalny Wins! The Kremlin Wins?” I felt something strange while watching Sunday’s Moscow mayoral election: excitement. It had

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Migrants and Corruption

I got a gig writing for the Nation. Here’s my first article, “Corruption, Not Migrants, Is Russia’s Problem.” A few words updating the story. Yesterday

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Moscow in Perspective

Moscow.  Being in Russia’s capital provides a perspective impossible to acquire through the news.  Contrary to popular belief, the Internet doesn’t bring us closer together. 

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Luzhkov the Weather Warlock

I think I finally understand why the Kremlin was so hell bent on securing Yuri Luzhkov’s continued domination over Moscow politics: the weather.  Yuri Mikhailovich

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Moscow Costs but Pays

The fact that Moscow is expensive city is well known. For the second consecutive year, the Cost of Living Survey, which is conducted by the

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