Pogroms and Race Riots

Guests: Steven Zipperstein and Michael Pfeifer on anti-Jewish and anti-Black violence in Russia and the United States.

From Aliaska to Alaska

Guests: Bathsheba Demuth and Ilya Vinkoveysky on Russian and American colonialism and the environment in Alaska.


Meteor Mania

Here’s what we know so far: A meteor disintegrated outside of the Ural city of Chelyabinsk. The space rock was 17 meters wide, weighed an

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A Worker’s Struggle

This translation is originally published on N+1 Magazine In August 2012, the magazine Russian Reporter published a long, detailed article on Valentin Urusov, a diamond

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Speedy Delivery

Gerard Depardieu’s rapid naturalization as a Russian citizen has raised ire inside and outside of Russia. For one of the better comment’s on Depardieugate, I

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For the Spies Among Us

This morning I received a odd question in my daily Vedomosti alert: Would you be more careful associating with foreigners because of increased secrecy in

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Udaltsov’s October

The Kremlin seems capable of creating two types of figures: heroes and martyrs. The production of heroes is crystal clear and requires no elaboration. Martyrs,

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The Riot of the Faithful

The fall out from the Pussy Riot scandal continues unabated. But the activities are less from Riot’s supporters, and more from their detractors. Indeed, it

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