The Wired Cold War

Guests: Ekaterina Babintseva and Slava Gerovitch on cybernetics in the United States and Soviet Union.


Nashi Perestroika

So everyone is declaring Nashi’s death. According to Kommersant and other Russian media, Nashi plans on shutting down 45 of its 50 branches. All that

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Nashi Comes of Age

Third Congresses seem to have great significance in the history of Russia’s pro-state youth organizations. The 3rd Komsomol Congress held in 1920 steered the organization

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The Vampires of Votes

T-minus five days and counting. Here’s today’s roundup. The Christian Science Monitor, which I heard was once known for its objectivity, has apparently dumped it.

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National (Dis)unity Day

“Only by uniting our efforts can we achieve results in developing our country and ensure that it take an appropriate place in the world,” Putin

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The Big Payback

Is this the beginning of the big payback for Vasilii Yakemenko’s loyal service to Putin? News sources say that Yakemenko will be named a member

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