Pogroms and Race Riots

Guests: Steven Zipperstein and Michael Pfeifer on anti-Jewish and anti-Black violence in Russia and the United States.

From Aliaska to Alaska

Guests: Bathsheba Demuth and Ilya Vinkoveysky on Russian and American colonialism and the environment in Alaska.


Medvedev’s Generation

If history is any indication, a gerontocracy can kill a political system.  The Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc states suffered from it.  It currently

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Nashi Pisses on Nemtsov

A suspected murderer, an ex-KGB turned oligarch, and a “dissident” liberal are all part of what will prove to be a mayoral election of the

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Kadyrov’s Kids

“Who has the youth, has the future!”  Though attributed to Martin Luther, this declaration has mostly been the providence of the modern states as they

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Nashi Pranks Oppositionists

On Tuesday, Nashi pulled off its best prank yet on the hapless Russian opposition.  In the words of Nezavisimaya gazeta, the stunt “will undoubtedly go

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Beatlemania Soviet Style

[podcast]http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/worldservice/docarchive/docarchive_20090213-0830a.mp3[/podcast] The BBC World Service has an interesting documentary on Beatlemania in the Soviet Union. When the Fab Four hit the international scene in 1964,

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The Rising Russian Right

I’m normally not a big fan of the Guardian‘s Luke Harding, but I think he deserves kudos for his latest article, “Putin’s Worst Nightmare.” Harding

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