The Wired Cold War

Guests: Ekaterina Babintseva and Slava Gerovitch on cybernetics in the United States and Soviet Union.


Registration, Again

A reader sent me this comment about foreign registration in Russia: I realize that private registrations are the cheapest way to be in R BUT

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More on Registration

Questions about Russia’s new law “On the Migration Registration of Forgein Citizens and Persons without Citizenship in the Russian Federation” continue after almost a month

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Opportunities Lost

January 26, 2007 The Soviet Union, the U.S. and Russia: Opportunities Lost Washington Profile An interview with Stephen F. Cohen, Professor of Russian and Slavic

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Kremlin Inc.

This week’s New Yorker has a lengthy article by Michael Specter entitled “Kremlin Inc.: Why are Vladimir Putin’s Opponents Dying?” The article is not available

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