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Western Journalism and the Ukraine Crisis

Guest: Keith Gessen on western reporting on the Ukraine crisis.

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Neoliberalism in Russia

Guest: Ilya Matveev on neoliberalism in Russia.

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Interrogating the Power Vertical

Guest: Brian Whitmore on Putin’s power vertical.

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Russia, Syria, and the Jihadist Threat

Guest: Gordon Hahn on Russia’s intervention in Syria.

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Putin’s Middle East Maneuver

Guest: Talal Nezameddin on Russia, Syria, and the Middle East.

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Ukraine’s Refugee Crisis

Guest: Brian Milakovsky on the humanitarian crisis in the Donbas.

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Questioning Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine

Guest: Michael Kofman on the myths of hybrid war.

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The Memorialization of WWII in Russia

Guest: Elizabeth Wood on Russia’s WWII memory.

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Russian Culture Under Putin and Ukraine’s Historical Memory Laws

Guests: Eliot Borenstein on Russian culture; John-Paul Himka on Ukraine’s historical memory laws.

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