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Enter Dopeworld

Guest: Niko Vorobyov on the adventures in dopeworld.


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Structurally Adjusting Socialism

Guest: Johanna Bockman on neoliberalism, socialist globalization, and the Non-Aligned Movement.

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The Nobility and the Russian Novel

Bella Grigoryan on Noble Subjects: The Russian Novel and the Gentry, 1762-1861 published by Northern Illinois University Press.

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After the Colored Revolution

Guest: Vasili Rukhadze on post-colored revolution regimes.

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Exposing Chernobyl

Guest: Kate Brown on Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future published by Norton.

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Women of the Gulag

Guest: Marianna Yarovskaya on her film Women of the Gulag.

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Ivan the Terrible

Guest: Charles Halperin on Ivan the Terrible: Free to Reward and Free to Punish published by University of Pittsburgh Press.

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The Stuff of Red Army Soldiers

Guest: Brandon Schechter on The Stuff of Soldiers: A History of the Red Army in World War II Through Objects published by Cornell University Press.

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Russia, China and Inbetween

Guest: Ed Pulford on Mirrorlands: Russia, China, and Journeys in Between published by Hurst.

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The Collective Farm

Aaron Hale-Dorrell, Kristy Ironside, and Samantha Lomb on the collective farm system in the USSR.

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Atoms and Aliens in Eurasian Science Fiction

Guest: Anindita Banerjee on the nuclear in Soviet and Post-Soviet Science Fiction.

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